Cheap, Easy to Pack Walls

Action shooting requires shooting around obstacles, and one obstacle you see frequently is a wall. I have tried several ways to create easily packable walls for practice and am currently using this set up.


This wall is constructed of construction/snow fence zip-tied to pvc. The pvc is mounted on shepard hooks that have the hook part cut off. The pvc is cut so that a bottom part of a foot (or whatever length you want) is slid onto the shepard hook first, which reduces the overall height of the wall during transport and also allows for varying the port height.


If your range surface is very hard and you are using the light weight shepard hook, it is a good idea to carry a large heavy duty stake to pound open the ground holes before planting the shepard hook.

Update: A great idea from Lucas at Triangle Tactical is that if you carry a canopy (and who doesn't in the summer) string a wall between two support legs.

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