Mr. Bulletfeeder doesn’t cater to today’s politically correct society.  It wears the unnecessary gender specific honorific “Mister” with pride.  And it’s so damn good at its job that no one can tell it to stop.  It drops its copper deuces faster than a hungover redneck at an all you can eat chili cook-off. 


Below is a hornady bulletfeeder in operation.  It takes the approach to reject any bullet that does not arrive ready to go down the pipe.  If the bullet doesn’t show up exactly like the feeder wants it, it tells it to GTFO.  Consequently, the bullets have to cycle a lot before they happen to land in the correct position.  They get the chance to do this since unlike the casefeeder, there is no switch to stop operation if the feed tube gets full.  Still, if you set it up right, eventually lucky bullets will make the grade and head down the chute.  It’s noisy and inefficient, but it will deliver projectiles onto the brass and when it comes down to it automatic bullet feeding versus manually setting each one is what separates us from the animals.

Mr. Bulletfeeder takes a different, much more civilized approach to bulletfeeding.  The bullet just has to make it onto the plate.  Once it does that Mr. Bulletfeeder will deliver the bullet to the tube if it is in the appropriate orientation or flip the bullet itself and then deliver it. 

This is old world craftsmanship.  Mr. Bulletfeeder cares about each individual bullet and wants it to succeed and will help anyway it can, versus the heartless Hornady that doesn’t give a fuck whether a bullet ever makes it out of the bowl.  Mr. Bulletfeeder’s efficiency is so great that you use the in line speed control to slow things down just because you can. 

Mr. Bulletfeeder also stops itself when you have enough bullets in the feed die.  So it runs rarely, and has neither the need nor inclination to cycle continuously like the primitive Hornady system.

Summary, Hornady is OK, MISTER Bulletfeeder is superb.

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