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Brass Collector

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Primer Prep


The Dillon RF100 is one of the best products for reloading efficiency available on the market today.  It destroys the tedious task of loading primer tubes.  Its primary competition is the tube itself – just poking the stick onto a tray of primers one at time, hundreds and hundreds of times.  There’s no contest.  The RF100 does it with the push a button while you drink or load your press with components.  If you are loading in any bulk, the RF100 is “worth it.”
The Hornady auto primer tube reloader?  A horrifying joke product.  Possibly it’s better than the stick alone – but not when it jams repeatedly as it loves to do.  Each time it jams, you have to lift this, turn that, slide this, remove that, then put that back in, slide that back on, turn this into place, replace safety hood and hope for the best.  I have only been satisfied with it once, and that’s when I did this tweak to it:

The RF100 on the other hand is awesome:

Keeping the shellplate debris-free

Between teardown and lubrication, it's useful to keep your errant gunpowder or media away from your shellplate and primer feeder. Obviously. A nearby air compressor is great, but if that's impractical, a decent brush and manual puffer do a great job:


Marking Brass

You shoot precious 38 Super Comp.  You’re crazy.  Whatever the reason, you’re the kind of person who wants to recover their brass.  If you shoot super comp and you’re crazy, you want to mark your brass to make it easier to pick out on the ground when it’s covered by all the glocked 9mm nobody wants.  There are many ways to do it, and you can certainly build your own rig, but you can also purchase a little jig set up to cater to your psychotic mind.
This little baby is available on ebay.  I bought one.  Here’s what I think.
It’s not very strong, being comprised in large part of a fairly flexible plastic.  The markers can slide in and out sometimes.  BUT, it quickly marks three cases at a time that slide out the contraption after marking.  For the purpose, it’s the best device I could find and I like it for what it is.  However, marking brass still blows and this now sits on the bottom of the reloading shelf.

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