Choosing between the Ammobot and the Mark 7 to automate your 1050? The answer is choose one and do it.


Here's a comparison of the Ammobot to the base model Mark 7 LTE.

The digital clutch is much more of an asset than I had thought it would be. The Mark 7 1050 X is a cut above, and the sensors are excellent. I replaced the Ammobot with the 1050 X, wanting the entire control suite of the X model. Speed was not a factor for me; they are all fast enough but your needs may dictate otherwise.

I own an Ammobot and initially got an LTE. It's a great machine but I couldn't resist the siren call of the more comprehensive controls of the 1050 X. As you can see here, the LTE controls cover all the basics:

But, the X and Pro control set is superior. So now I have a 1050 X and and LTE set up; however, I have ordered an upgrade package to take the LTE to the Pro level and will update once that arrives.

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